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We’re a company who love the business we’re in, everyday and every event is different – we not only understand this but we pride our self on making sure they are, by putting the same amount of time, care and attention into each event to make it that extra bit special.

Knowing our business and making sure people have the best experience possible is what makes us tick – from the minute they enter to the second they cross the Goldline – the customer experience comes first.

Being responsible for thousands of people as they pound the streets is not for the faint hearted but we thrive on it, seeing their faces, hearing all of their achievements and their stories makes our involvement an incredible experience for us and a privilege to have been a part of their achievements. It really is the best feeling and incredibly rewarding for us.

We like having fun, working hard and getting out of the office – so you could say we’re perfectly suited to this line of work!

Goldline runners